Pediatric obesity-related asthma

There is significant epidemiological and experimental evidence of an association between obesity and asthma, both in children and adults. Children with obesity and asthma suffer from greater severity, worse symptom control, and overall lower quality of life. In this review, we examine some of the evidence relevant to pediatric “obese asthma” some of the underlying mechanisms, including the impact of obesity on lung function, systemic and airway inflammation, insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome, and the role of genetic predisposition and genomic regulation. We then briefly review current recommendations for the management of these children, including in the management of their asthma and evidence for weight loss interventions. Finally, we highlight gaps and future directions to further our understanding of obesity-related asthma and to improve our management of asthma in these children.

Obesity can have a significant impact on asthma risk, morbidity, and severity. Understanding the underlying mechanisms of “obesity-related asthma” will help us better care for children and adolescents with this phenotype of asthma.

Received: Feb 27, 2023
Accepted: Apr 2, 2023
Published: June 1, 2023

Table of Contents: Vol. 1, n. 2, June 2023

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