Pediatric respiratory diseases: challenges to be met and promises to keep

Respiratory disease and illnesses in children comprise a wide range of conditions ranging from the rarely seen genetic and complex metabolic disorders to the more commonly encountered diseases such as allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, pneumonia and asthma. They are among the most important causes of disease impairment in children that not only affect the health of the child but also significantly impact the family.
The purpose of the present report is to trace some of the important historical landmarks that have contributed to the field of pediatric respiratory diseases, to describe recent discoveries that are having significant clinical application and to delineate some areas for future inquiry.
An extensive research was conducted in medical literature data bases by applying terms such as pediatric respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis, neonatology, asthma.
Pediatric respiratory diseases take their origin from the many discoveries and contributions made by giants of the past from the fields of tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis, neonatology, and asthma that can provide a roadmap for the editorial leadership of the new Pediatric Respiratory Journal.
As the Editors of the new journal embark upon this exciting voyage and build upon the important discoveries and contributions of the past, we wish Professors Mario La Rosa, Giovanni Piedimonte, Fabio Midulla and the journal family success as they meet the new challenges  and fulfill the promise of the new journal.

The information described in this article will be valuable to all health care practitioners who are entrusted to the care of infants and children with respiratory diseases.

Received: Sept 7, 2022
Accepted: Sept 14, 2022
Published: Nov 1, 2022

Table of Contents: Vol. 1, n. 0, November 2022

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